Ever since watching the movie Total Recall (1990), aside from themes of simulated reality and altered states of consciousness, it was from that point on that I had an obsession for the planet Mars. At such a tender age of 13, I would often day dream about the movie, thinking and wondering if it would be possible to colonize Mars. If so, could I be a part of it in my lifetime?




Mars book

I spent countless hours in the library, reading about the red planet and trying to learn all that I could about it. I even drew up plans showing exact location for the base. The thought and dream of visiting Mars trickled into my assignments so much so that it was the main inspiration for a project on vacation destinations. While a factious out of reach destination, my teacher was gracious enough to grade it. Later on as a teen, the dream is alive, and even more so since reading “The Case for Mars: The Plan to settle the red planet and why we must” by Mr. Robert Zubrin. Some years later, we patiently watch Elon Musk and his Space-X Corporation working towards making the dream (I’ve had since I was a child) a reality.


Fun Facts about Red:

  • 687 days to complete a full rotation. Almost twice the amount of Earth.
  • Mars is named “Red” after the God of War.
  • Temperature on Mars ranges from -80c to ~ +5c (and you thought Canada was cold?)

Dream on, Nerds.

— Chris

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