Located in Nevada, Tesla’s recently announced battery factory will produce 35 gigawatt-hours (one million times the energy produced in a kilowatt-hour. A partnership with Panasonic enables Tesla to produce the lithium-ion batteries at such a massive scale. The “Gigafactory” is a production facility that is simply massive. Elon celebrates the opening at a press conference:

But, that’s not enough for the brains behind Tesla. This forward-thinking company took this venture a few steps further:

  • Everything is recycled
  • $16 million was invested just to withstand earthquakes.
  • This battery factory will reduce the cost of Tesla models by approximately 30%.
  • The Gigafactory is larger than 95 football fields.
  • All powered by renewable energy.

If you’re not in the area, join this video tour of the Gigafactory:

Rob takes the Tesla for a test drive and shares his experience. As well, We chat about all models, the Gigafactory, and Tesla’s future vision. You can listen to this podcast episode here. Enjoy!

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