Pokemon Go

September 4, 2016

pikachuHave you found a Pikachu spawn in your bedroom? During the Pokemon episode, we learned that Nathan had.

Unfortunately, this is one of the quirks with the game as Pokemon spawn randomly based on GPS co-ordinates.






PokeMeshThere are tools out there to help you pin down a Pokemon. The tracker is buggy and fails to provide any sort of directional assistance.

This particular app, called Pokemesh, works well on newer Android smart phones. Finding a Pokemon near by has never been easier. The caviat is that the apk file needs to be side-loaded. Being accessible on the Google Play Store will mean that Niantis will more than likely shut this app down. Check out the Pokemesh FAQ for details.



Pokemon Buddy [Courtesy of Pokemon Go Informer]

How do you please a fan club of 200+ million users? One addition (confirmed by Niantis) is the Buddy system. Level up and train one Pokemon to stay by your side to assist you throughout your adventures, gain extra candy, and battle your enemies.




Will Harry Potter be a new addition in the future? Is this just a fad? What do we like and dislike about the AR app? Answers to these questions (and more) in our Pokemon Go episode:

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