From primordial ooze sitting on unstable volcanic rock, to multiple forms of ape, we finally reach ‘man’ as we are today.


ape to humanWe have evolved (and it took millions of years to do it). Why not take evolution into our own hands? Why not paint our own destiny? If we are to reach for the stars (exploring, colonizing, and forming extraterrestrial alliances), we have to change our ways first.

Together, we must be ready to handle these type of interstellar activities (including facing any challenges without difficulty).


How do we get there?

  • We cannot put emphasis on acquiring material objects.
  • Shift focus to learning.
  • Reduce friction between countries.
  • Strive to be better as a civilization.
  • Work together to achieving goals as a planet and be destined for greater things.


Science LabScientists possess the means to reshape hereditary capacities and replace or splice genes (design a perfect human). One who has the best traits that can be used to better humanity, to make a difference, have a higher IQ, and is void of disease (or deficiencies) that would plague our evolution progress as a species.



Astronauts Shake HandsEugenics is a topic that stems back to ancient Greece and Rome (and one with a dark past, too); however, if Eugenics is approached in the right way, for the greater good of mankind, it will be beneficial to the survival and advancement of our species (also ensure our success in the stars).

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