So, Rob (Nerdy by Nature talent) invited me to join a D & D campaign for the first time.  He’s played it many times before and his better half has dabbled. The DM, well, he’s been playing since University. I; however, am super new at this.

By this point, we’ve been playing when schedules permit. It’s been about half a year into 5e so far. We’re at level 3 and we just went back to the “cave.” Again. One character has been taken away (by a new “friend”) to get resurrected, while half of our crew is naive and overly proud.

Barbarian (rough idea) My character, the Human Barbarian, was so fun to set into “Rage” with. As well, I was going to unleash the “Wolf” Totem to help my campaign colleagues to get an advantage on attack roles. Level 3 was just starting to get good.

We’re clearing out the cave for a third time (I believe), and we’re taking out “squishy” cobalt three at a time (thanks, Rob, for that Flurry of Blows attack). We have a few clerics, myself, a gnome, and one more (breaking out the new card – sorry). I think the team feels as if we’re supposed to clear out the cave, so that’s what we do. We back out of a cobalt training room and loop around some stairs. Eventually, we find a dark stairwell. What could go wrong?

Dragon eggs?! Oh, no. We fought a dragon before (nearly died the first time). NO. This can’t be good. So, we devise a plan to do some smash-y, smash-y to the eggs. Roll these massive, three foot round eggs over the edge and into the pit. Repeat one more time.

What — is that noise?

DM: Nature check.. (continues to make gargling / monster-y type noises.)

15… (Passed. Phew.)

DM: Roper. This is one you don’t want to f*** with. (We later find out that this creature has a 50 foot range, unlimited tentacles, minimum damage is beyond our max HP, and you need to roll at least a “20” to hit).

We did a lot of chattering about the eggs. We played on a Sunday. We did the pot luck thing. We’re all a few beers in. No one’s acting quickly.

We don’t speak primordial and the Roper is climbing. I’m not one for waiting. So, I poke “the bear.”

I pipe up, amongst this chatter. Is no one running? Are we doing this? “Just shoot the damn egg. He’s coming.”

We panic (due to the lack of attention currently involved). Nikki turns on some fireball magic, and the last egg explodes — all over the Roper.

Roper - DnD - 5eHe’s pissed and he’s coming for us. S***, s***, holy s****.  Needless to say, it doesn’t take long before I’m in the pit with a cleric and soon to be a nice snack for Mr. Roper. Soon, most of us died – except, Rob. He took his character way up the stairs to hide like we all should have in the first place.

The positive? We get to change up our characters, change to another campaign later in the 5e book, and switch up the DM (because we can).

Underdark, here we come. Only, this time I’m working on a Half Orc Barbarian with Berserk capabilities. Muahahahaha – It’s on, bad guys!

Happy adventuring,

— Elijah, Nerdy By Nature

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