Now Entering.. Trapdoor Escape Room!

We had the pleasure of participating in the Volcano’s Ruin Escape Room and we could feel the dedication and care that went into this build.

Trapdoor Escape Room - Tent

After you pass the Keeper of Keys, Valerie’s upbeat smile carries onward toward the first room as you set out to bend your mind with puzzles, creative problem solving, and sheer panic as the clock ticks backward from 60 minutes. You’ll start off with a lady’s voice to hear your task.  Good luck, Adventurer!

If you’re within a reasonable travel distance, please do yourself a favour and try the Volcano’s Ruin Escape Room at Trapdoor.  Before you do so, let’s get to know the owners:

  • Derek
    • Prop Designer / Creator
  • Chris
    • He calls himself a Puzzle Architect – a lot of pen and paper planning of puzzles.
  • Mike
    • Builder of all building things such as puzzles, electronics, and convincing the other two guys that they’re insane, while offering up a solid sense of reality.
  • Valerie
    • Operations, Queen of First Impressions, & Keeper of Keys

The three gents went to high school together, and lived together in their twenties in a super-cheap house on Oxford and Richmond. They called it the Frat boy House.. full of nerds. What does that mean? Turn-table, big backyard, lots of grad students working toward their Computer Science Degrees, and Dungeons and Dragons spread out on the kitchen table.

Being fans of the Escape Room experience is a form of priceless market research. Chris, Derek, and Mike have played so many that they have a great insight into what truly works and what doesn’t. For you, this means a great experience whether you’re a rookie or veteran.

Trapdoor Escape Room - Tent

Part business and part passion project. Derek’s handiwork is shown in finer detail. Dots, lines, and pieces. What is this? How do I figure this out? The magic, here, is that you don’t have to be an expert. You just have to enjoy solving problems with friends, family, or co-workers.

Door - Trapdoor Escape Room
Unlocking this door isn’t as easy as it seems. Look through a hidden portal, if you will, and the secret to the last room will be revealed. Video games have been Chris’s influence as he hits the pen and paper to design maps. What game does this remind you of?
Ruins - Trapdoor Escape Room
Puzzles are awesome to unfold, but having a bunch of lock boxes can get boring fast. Chris, Derek, and Mike truly want you to enjoy the experience and have fun. Being creative and interactive is both fun for the owners and the end user.
Time travel room involves an H.G. Wells, Steampunk feel. The name of this upcoming room, which is announced first here, is Brief Mystery of Time. This new addition will be a different feel and will take advantage of all of the space available. The owners promise that puzzles have not yet been seen in other Escape Rooms to date.
Digital Extremes, a local game company, is well-known for the game Warframe who approached Trapdoor to build an Escape Room for Tennocon. With six months, a lot of fun, 48 days of soldering, and countless hours lacking of sleep resulted in a project that the guys were super proud of. Collaboration, they say, involved intellectual property, quick turn-arounds, and even audio clips from the gaming company. If you are so lucky, you may see this 5-minute Escape Room at a special event near you (and it is soooo cool).
We are nerds, but we’re also Escape Room Rookies. We were so close to winning and had so much fun.
Nerdy By Nature - Trapdoor Escape Rooms
Thank you, Trapdoor, for your hospitality, and a truly memorable experience! We look forward to visiting your new Escape Rooms (hopefully) soon!
Much love,
[left to right] Jamie, Elijah, Chris, and Nathan
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