Cryptocurrency is not a currency that is physical. This makes it rather difficult for many to visualize or comprehend this new form of money.

Enter the harmony of digital currency, unknown certainty, and a desire to cash in on the new and exciting block-chain currency that is rushing toward us.

It’s complicated. But, we’ll do our best to figure this out. Thanks for joining our conversation. We usually aim for a 30 minute episode, but we got a little carried away (sorry). To tease you, here’s a tease of what we chatted about:

3:12: With the Crash of the Market, Crypto-currency was born. Who gets credit for the Bitcoin?

4:54: Nathan: Bitcoins brings a socialist methodology to a capitalist mindset. How much is 1 Bitcoin currently worth?

6:45: Stories of software wallets following computers to the landfill. Is it as bad as we think?

7:30: How do you buy, sell, and trade Bitcoins? Nathan shares the basics to help get you started.

9:45 Why are people talking about Bitcoin being the next reserve currency?

16:25: Digital currencies can’t be printed. But, what about inflation?

18:35: There are 900 cryptocurrencies. How will retailers support all of this?!

20:25: Is digital currency similar to the battle between VHS and Beta?

25:35: Does Bitcoin have retail possibilities or will this currency remain an investment vehicle?

27:10: What is a Hardfork? How does this help scalability?

34:05: Mining cryptocurrencies and the hardware you need. Nathan, our Producer, comes through by explaining how this works in semi-lamen.

Are you in, or are you out? Is this cryptocurrency thing-a-ma-jig just bonkers? Comment below or force your opinions on us on Twitter or Facebook!


Spend Wisely,

– Nerdy By Nature

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