0:00: Thanks for joining us for this Duck Tales Episode. Is there a stranger right behind you? No, it’s Jamie, our guest nerd. He joins the kitchen table with Nathan, Elijah, and Chris, the regular nerds, are sitting in to be schooled on the Duck Tales franchise.

5:50: Jamie brings hard cover books featuring early drawings by Carl Barks  and we chat about this collection.

6:35: Elijah asks Jamie to learn about how Donald and Scrooge McDuck came to life.

8:26: Sharing our thoughts on the first part of the new Duck Tales Series. How have the characters changed?

16:34: Our reactions to one of the Doctors Who to voice Scrooge McDuck.

17:48: How many seasons will go for, Jamie?

21:21: Jamie recommends the Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck by Don Rosa to help you learn about Scrooge’s history (as a character).

25:24: Nathan remembers the Original Nintendo Duck Tales Game and its complexity.

29:56: Darkwing Duck will be part of Season 2!!

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Thanks for listening!

– Elijah


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