0:00: Thanks for joining us for this Duck Tales Episode. Is there a stranger right behind you? No, it’s Jamie, our guest nerd. He joins the kitchen table with Nathan and Elijah -the regular nerds, are sitting in to be schooled on the Duck Tales franchise.

5:50: Jamie brings hard cover books featuring early drawings by Carl Barks  and we chat about this collection.

6:35: Elijah asks Jamie to learn about how Donald and Scrooge McDuck came to life.

8:26: Sharing our thoughts on the first part of the new Duck Tales Series. How have the characters changed?

16:34: Our reactions to one of the Doctors Who to voice Scrooge McDuck.

17:48: How many seasons will go for, Jamie?

21:21: Jamie recommends the Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck by Don Rosa to help you learn about Scrooge’s history (as a character).

25:24: Nathan remembers the Original Nintendo Duck Tales Game and its complexity.

29:56: Darkwing Duck will be part of Season 2!!

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Thanks for listening!

– Elijah


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