How Much Trash Do You Have?


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2:30: How was Manhattan built on garbage?

3:40: What is the amount of garbage, in tonnes, that New York ships out to other Countries?

5:55: Up to 7,000 miles is how far this garbage is travelling. What is this being sold to be used for?

6:47: Chris mentions that Sweden burns garbage to produce electricity.

7:27: Is Recycling really more environmentally friendly? Chris, Harv, and Elijah discuss.

8:02: Sweden imports 800,000 tonnes to fuel their electricity sources.

9:50: How effective would compositing be to help offset trash? Chris uses examples for his household.

11:40: Elijah talks about Buenos Aires’ tall order to be trash free by 2020 and the public/private partnerships that are considered.

16:15: Cities plan to dump garbage in space and Harv questions how selfish this act really is.

17:55: Elijah mentions Net-zero and Harv asks what is Net-zero? Chris helps Elijah explain.

19:15: Chris, Harv, and Elijah chat about the amount of packaging that companies use in commercial goods.

20:00: Is reducing packaging enough? Should we stick to local purchases?

25:00: How many garbage bags does Chris, Harv, and Elijah put out? We do the math.

26:30: Chris shares best practices to help you limit tossing your trash.


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Thanks for listening and be nice to your Earth.


– Elijah


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