Organized Religion vs. Spirituality

Chris, Harv, and Elijah sit down to compare organized religion versus general spirituality?

1:53: Chris: “I think organized religion is a form of control.”

4:22: Is the Catholic Church sincere about its recent inclusion?

5:50: Why do so many religions exist?

6:35: Leah Remini’s story about her leaving the Church of Scientology and the aftermath from doing so.

8:20: Chris and Harv discuss mythologies from religions and similarities between them.

11:00: Were the Celtics on to something with spirituality and paying appreciation to the world around them?

13:30: Where did the ideas of religion manifest from in the first place?

15:30: What messages are lost in the Bible?

16:45: Elijah: “What irks me is that people use biblical context for their own gain.”

19:00: Chris and Harv discuss how some religions feel man-made.

23:10: Is it fair to blame God for what happens to us?

25:18: All we are all playing someone else’s game?

27:44: Good and bad points about religion.

29:00: Harv questions cult beliefs.

31:45: Bruxy Cavey

32:20: Joel Osteen


With an open-mind, we feel we did our best to make observations about organized religion without casting judgement on others. With that said, do you practice religion, spirituality, or are you a proud atheist? Let us know in the comments below or by getting social on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

May the peace be with you,

– Elijah

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