A local writer brings her BSc and her love for writing to Nerdy By Nature. Today, we chat about the deadly possibilities of mixing alcohol with energy drinks.

Always drawn to Biology, Sasha has a BSc and a teaching degree, Strong enjoys getting her mind involved in Scientific topics.

4:20 – Sasha’s article for CurioCity: Dangers of Mixing Alcohol with Energy Drinks

8:49: Energy Drinks are often compared to cocaine. Interestingly enough, the affect on the brain creates neurological stimulation of FosB: DFosB, subset of neurons of the nucleus accumbens and dorsal striatum (brain after repeated administration of many kinds of drugs of abuse. Sasha and Elijah discuss the comparisons between illicit drugs and energy drinks; however, some interesting reading while you’re listening:

  • Cocaine has no stop button, and can end up pushing vital organs into failure due to the effect it has on the heart and blood vessels. The body has no way of regulating the effects of sympathetic overload due to the pharmacological action of cocaine, so it cannot self regulate and stop the cells from working themselves to death.
  • Cocaine ODs can also occur at lower doses at random.
  • Energy drinks increase cellular functioning in a different, more controlled way, and have a much lesser dangerous effect on the heart and blood vessels.
  • The body is able to self-regulate and limit how much stimulation occurs, and the doses needed to actually suffer an overdose are much higher.
  • It only takes about 1.2 grams of cocaine to kill an average person but it takes about 7 grams of caffeine to kill you.

12:00: Should there be age restrictions on Energy Drinks?

15:45: Testing reward substances can cause surprising results.

18:20: Elijah shares a story about a lady in the UK with a severe addiction to the energy drinks. What happened to her surprised everyone.

21:35: Sasha talks about when withdrawals can be evident.

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– Elijah

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