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Happy Friday! In this episode of Alternative History, Nathan takes the lead as host, as he loves to dive into history what-ifs. What would happen if Hitler, Napoleon, or JFK other leaders never existed? How would history be different?


Alternative History often leads to thought exercises. Hopefully, these points will help get you inspired to ask yourself “what if?”

7:05: James Franco’s 11.23.63 Mini-Series is a “kissing cousin” of the Alt-History Genre.

8:22: If Canada was led by Japanese Government, the world would be a different place. Elijah makes assumptions on life with the Japan we know now. Nathan explains that there were many events that were enforced upon them by the Americans beyond World War II. What would be different?

11:20: What would the world look like under Hillary’s reign?

12:03: Would Canada be the same Country without European settlers?

13:02: Aliens. What if the US Government had not lied about UFOs, Chris says.

15:03: Nathan asks, what would life be like if America had lost the War of Independence?

18:44: Chris talks about World War II not happening and tries to understand the impact this would cause our lives.

23:31: Would the vehicle, as we know it today, be the same if Henry Ford mass-produced vehicles?

27:41: What if Canada built the Avro Arrow?

29:50: If we moved back to the bartering system, would greed still exist?

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