Craft Beers and a local Band!

Ryan Prasad, local artist, joins Nerdy By Nature to play some tunes and sip on some summer-y craft beer.  Have you tried one of these?

From his Ruins Album that Ryan plans on releasing soon. These songs he plays on this episode:

  • Moon and Back
  • Last Forever
  • The Watcher
  • Gaslight

Queen, Red Hot Chilli peppers, and other rockers had incredible imaginations and Ryan really wanted to try and emulate that story telling feeling throughout his songs.

Ryan wonders how you make music sound like yester-year when you have so much technology? Playing with different sounds while trying to emulate old sounds, such as tubed amplifiers and chunky guitar sounds. How do you think he did? Leave a comment below or Tweet your feedback to Ryan on Twitter.

Let us know if we’ve inspired your taste buds and got your toe’s tapping! Send us your comments on Twitter, Facebook, or share your beer pics on Instagram! We’d love to see what you’re sipping on.

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