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This episode of Nerdy by Nature is a little unique. I, Elijah, had a chance to head downtown to chat with Mark Maia, Senior Game Designer of Big Blue Bubble, and learned about what makes this company tick, the journey to success, how to get into the industry, and how one’s spidey senses are used to detect a great game.

Big Blue Bubble is a huge mobile gaming company in Canada that has produced over 60 titles to date. But, that didn’t happen overnight. This company has been around in Southwestern Ontario for over a decade, doing their thing and being an awesome corporate citizen within our community.

The company culture, from what I’ve gathered, is (generally) laid back, inclusive, and focused on the task at hand. Some times, this involves breaking out some board games, or inviting Santa over to the Studio in July for some iced-chocolate. That, sounds like a perfect way to end a summer day.


Other times, they break out into groups, expand their minds, and take a drive to the big city to check out a Jay’s game (hold the cracker jacks).


There are so many games to fit into one interview; however, some games that stood out are worth an honourable mention!

My Singing Monsters is one of Big Blue Bubble’s longer standing mobile games and still continues to see community growth to this day.

Feel free to check out behind the scenes footage including game play, the voices, design, and more. Check it out here.


Pixel Dodgers is inspired by 8-bit goodness involves addictively fun gameplay, and plenty of old school characters. Check out this high-speed, nail biter. Oh, snap! Just one more – I can do this. High score, here I come!

Fans of Nerdy by Nature know that Chris loves his retro gaming. So much so, that he’s building a game cabinet for his Retro Pi as we speak. For now, my friend, Home Arcade (a homage to 80s gaming) will do just fine.


To help you feel like you’re part of the action, feel free to check out some memories that the Big Blue Bubble Team wanted to share.

Feel free to say hello (or nugneH if you wish) to these creative geniuses on Twitter, or Facebook. They’ll be glad you did.

Thanks to Mark and Big Blue Bubble for inviting us to their studio, hanging out, and being pretty rad for the afternoon. For now, I’ll leave you with a throw-back to Mark’s early days with Big Blue Bubble when a BAFTA award was received for 24 The Mobile Game. Sweet threads, Mark! 🙂


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Thank you for listening!

– Elijah

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