Meet Shannon Martin. She’s the Communication Director for a Podcast Hosting company called Podbean.

Shannon Martin - Podbean

Originally, her move to China was due to her husband’s career while in a large corporation. Usually, Shannon finds new jobs through means of networking; however, Podbean was different this time around. After an application and successful interview, she found herself soon to take on a whole new culture.

New experiences is nothing new for this travelling connoisseur. New Zealand, Canada, China, Japan, the United States are just some examples of her recent excursions.

Being a Director of Communication is quite enjoyable with a small company, as items, issues, and ideas are actioned swiftly without any red tape or politics (how refreshing!).

Three-Body Problem is a science-fiction novel that Shannon is deeply invested into via hard-cover and audio book version. What intrigues her most about this novel is the method of translation.  Special attention to detail was put into decyphering complicated phrases and culture-specific references by means of a Footnote and much attention to detail.

Are your friends and relatives sick of you nerding out on Podcasts? Why not start or join a Podcast Brunch Club in your area? Your loved ones will thank you!

Stranger Things and Black Mirror are at the top of Shannon’s must see list.   Our favourite characters, Eleven and Dustin, as well as the Ghostbusters Outfits – oh my! October cannot come soon enough.

Feel free to connect with Shannon through the Podcasting Smarter Facebook Group for help with her Podcast match-making skills.

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