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Have you spent a regrettable amount of money on your childhood toys?

Childhood Toys - Heman

Chris and Harv bring (some of) their toy collection that included HeMan, Lego, Mechanos, TMNT, and more. Pretty awesome relics that may have forgotten about or remember playing with like it was yesterday.

Harv looks to enlist donations to see Elijah get back into his Sesame Street pedal car and Jamie promises to make this happen (there is a way he says). Also, you may want to note that Elijah is 6’5″ — God Speed.

Pictures of a portion of our collection can be found in a previous Patreon post. We’re currently seeking professional recording space at a local studio ($150 CAN per month). Providing your $3 / month, via Patreon, will help us reach that goal.

Discussing bringing back our childhood and playing with these toys or to stage them as art pieces. Tough choice, right?

Jamie shared that his Mother still buys him Lego every Christmas that he puts the set together every year before his family dinner. (and he’s proud to admit that.)

Random Fact

Lego has made 4 billion figures since the company has started and they’re the largest tire manufacturer in the world. Isn’t that crazy?

So Many Memories

We chatted about our favourite toys in a bit of detail and we, for whatever reason, kept going back to Lego. Big sets, random pieces, and more. Do you feel that Lego is timeless? What is your most memorable creation? Let us know!


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