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I joined the Nerdy By Nature Crew as an Intern.  Generally, interns work for free. But, when a Podcast earns nothing, I owe them (hopefully, they like hugs). 
Last month we took part in the global event, Free Comic Book Day, which is also known as Nerd Christmas! We get into some of our favourite treasures, experiences, memories, and chat get into why this amazing event started in the first place. On today’s show, we also discuss our favourite characters and talk about what books make us tick and why with our newly found intern / comic book pro Chris Harvey (hey, that’s me!).
We give our take on the mind numbing success that comic book films have had in Hollywood and their place in pop culture. Are we fans or do we think the film industry should scale them back? [SPOILER ALERT!]
We go through a brief history of this medium, dating all the way back to the 1920’s, and look into the evolution of some of our favourite books and characters including some of our favourite ads from back in the day. Myself and Chris (he’s not as good looking) take us through the history of Free Comic Book Day and talk about how the industry has changed because of it.
The ’90’s were a dark time for comics, filled with big guns, big boobs, big muscles and way too many variant covers. As a result, the industry started to suffer dramatically with almost everyone loosing money. Free Comic Book Day was a way for the industry to collectively save itself and and grow the medium to the juggernaut it is today, standing toe to toe with each of its media counterparts.
Of course, we debate about important topics: 
  • Is Walking Dead the TV show better then the Walking Dead the comics
  • Who’s side do you take in the Fox vs Marvel for the X-men movie rights?
What are your favourite comics and characters? What is your stance on The Walking Dead? Did you get out there for Free Comic Book Day? If so, what are your Free Comic Book Day rituals? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Let us know on Twitter and Facebook and continue the conversation.
Thanks for listening!
– Harvey (Harv)
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