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Remember the original Bill Nye TV show? The cheese; the entertainment? Bill Nye The Science Guy was Disney’s geeky goodness and children across the world loved learning about science.

Fast forward today, and we have a Netflix production called Bill Nye Saves the World. We have mixed reviews and some strong opinions. Bill mentioned that he would retire after 17 episodes; however, Elijah didn’t think that was soon enough.



Did you know Bill started his career as a Mechanical Engineer for Boeing? While he was there, he invented the hydraulic resonance suppressor tube used on 747 airplanes. Not bad, right? Later, he ditched the corporate life for comedy and landed his first Science show with Disney. From there, my friend, the rest is history.

Bill Nye 747 Boeing

Although some of the guests on Nye’s new show have confused us, Karlie Kross made sense. When a nerd catches a model with a beautiful mind, it’s love at first sight. When Nathan was asked what celeb he would marry, this was his answer.



Are computer’s racist? One of the Save the World episodes touched on Artificial Intelligence. Nathan puts his mind to good use to get to the bottom of this question.



Although educating society about science is terrific, we’re not sure if there was a hidden agenda throughout each episode. Whether or not this was the intention, we feel strongly that there was a hard push toward each belief. If this was something the writers did to engage viewers, this back fired heavily. Despite our mixed feelings for this series, Bill still will forever be our hero.


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– Elijah

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