E3 2017: It’s finally here!


There are so many awesome reveals this year at E3 2017 – where do we start?

The XBOX One X, PS4, and the Nintendo Switch. Comparing consoles isn’t fair in some respect, but when Nintendo and Microsoft join forces for the gamer, then we can all be friends again.


Rocket League - Photo courtesy of IGN

It’s a beautiful moment in history, where a partnership may actually pan out (ahem, Atari and Sony). Playing a game with friends on different consoles has been a thing – if the console is with the same manufacturer. Now, XBOX and Switch lovers can play together. Will we see Super Mario Odyssey on XBOX?

Spiderman is also amazing! I mean, the cinematics roll right into game play seamlessly. This movie experience provided within a game (and done well) has been a matter of waiting for console specs to catch up to creativity. Unless Sony shares their Marvel license with Microsoft or Nintendo, it’s not likely that you’ll see this on consoles other than the Playstation any time soon.


Need for Speed Payback. My goodness! With a little inspiration from the Fast and the Furious, heists, missions, and game play are action-packed.


Check out the sheer size craziness of the E3 Floor! Hundreds of thousands of square footage – just for gaming!


What news are you excited about from E3?  Let us know in the comments below, or share with us on Twitter.


Happy gaming,

– Elijah

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