Happy Anniversary!

We truly have learned so much over the last 12 months through this Podcast. After 75 episodes and over 12,000 downloads we feel pretty good about our progress.

Numbers, are, well, only numbers. Our aim to research the @$%# out of topics for episodes is what helps our conversation become more fluid, enjoyable, and interesting for you.

Few special appearances and really humbling messages from a few Podcasters. Thank you to these fine folks for taking the time to share their

You may notice the audio sounds a little different, and that’s because we recorded the Facebook Live Audio stream. But, for a first attempt at an audio stream it sounds pretty decent!

We chatted about favourite episodes such as your favourite episode, Human Evolution. Believe it or not, this was only our 9th episode! As well, Anthony joined us early on in our podcast days and blew our mind with stories of overclocking and insane cooling methods. Take a listen to our Episode About the 90s.

Chris provides an update about his ongoing Raspberry Pi update and Elijah talks about his relationships that Nerdy By Nature has built with local geeks and like-minded folks.

We can’t thank you enough for listening every week. To show our appreciation, learn how you can win a t-shirt by visiting the contest details. Mention us, iTunes review, or leave a comment. It’s that easy! Contest ends July 5th – good luck!

Much love in stereo,


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