Let’s Stream Games!

TwitchYouTube, Periscope, and Microsoft are going head to head to compete for top spot during this evolution from underground to mainstream entertainment.

Not always was it so easy to share your life experience with the world.

justin.tv lifecasting stream

In 1994, Lifecasting was the grandfather of the stream. High-speed internet was barely faster than the fastest dial-up speeds. Justin.tv was started just as high speed internet was entering homes on a widespread scale. But, live stream was started with the dream of sharing your experience at home with whatever you may be doing (knitting, cutting the lawn, petting the cat, or just showing off your beautiful new haircut).

DOTA Stream

Fast-forward to the present, and you have a myriad of options to allow you to stream your every day activities from a DOTA death match to an Overwatch slaughter fest. We chat about different ways to stream games and how technology has created a turn-key experience for players across the globe.

Do you have a newer PC and want to stream your game play to the world? This open source software is easier to use than you think. Before you get started, check out the requirements to make sure your machine makes the cut:

Harv, our intern, loves himself some multiplayer action when he can. Check out his video from a Live Broadcast using his PS4!


What’s your favourite game to stream online with friends? Let us know on


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