Weird Games (and their Strange Developers)

Welcome! We’re glad you joined us for this peculiar episode with our picks of the most weird games ever made. Your favourite Canadian nerds, Nerdy by Nature, with you.


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There are weird games out there that you should celebrate. More importantly, there are weird games out there that you should avoid.  We felt it is our duty to you to protect you from the time-wasting confusion out there.

First, let’s start off with Donkey Kong 3 from Nintendo. This was released in Japan with an interesting concept. Some random guy (who we later found to be Stanley) is a form of exterminator and is zapping bees around Donkey Kong. It ends up looking like Donkey Kong is getting shot in the rear end by Stanley.

Donkey Dong 3 - Weird Games


Flying penises, shooting sperm, and a naked woman. This homebrew game is compatible with the Sega Genesis (if you’re brave, search up Jizz Wars flash emulator – God Speed, oh brave nerd).

Jizz Wars - Weird Games

If you prefer, check out a game walk-through of Jizz Wars here. Creepy and also a weird game.


An ode, or parody, of all game simulators. You explore an open world as a Goat in Goat Simulator. You flop about, ride bicycles, and aimlessly cause havoc in the game world. This was a fad a few years ago with kids, but it seems to have lost it’s popularity today.

Goat Simulator - Weird Games


Katamari is labelled as a puzzle action game; however, this involves (what seems to be) a big magnetic ball being rolled around to pick up anything from garbage, cows, cars, or well, anything. Why, Bandai Namco, why?

Katamari - Weird Games

You have one goal in life, which is to be the perfect slice of Toast. Do you have what it takes to conquer this weird game? Toast Simulator may be played for free here. Good luck to you, oh butter bandit.

toast simulator - weird games



Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk was one of Nathan’s favourite weird Arcade Games. Super powers, saving children, and dancing your way out of fights. Weird Game indeed.

MJ's Moonwalk - Weird Games


The Stanley Parable was full of instructions to be followed to the letter. If you didn’t do exactly what you were supposed to do — dead.  Game over. Try again.

Stanley Parable - Weird Games


While you prepare yourself to be at one with Stanley, check out the flow chart to help you make your way through the game (relatively) in one piece.

The Stanley Parable - Weird Games


What’s the strangest game you’ve ever played? Let us know in the comments below or reach out on Twitter, Facebook, or 

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