Is the Bermuda Triangle a black hole, vacuum, or unexplained phenomenon?

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We discuss the strange happenings that occur in a triangular area in the middle of the Atlantic. If you haven’t already guessed, we are talking about the Bermuda Triangle, or also known as the Devils Triangle.

Everyone has surely heard of the Bermuda Triangle. The topic is featured in films, cartoons, comics, and books. For those that don’t know, it’s a triangular area about 1.5M sq miles in the Atlantic which spans from about Miami, Florida down the keys, over  to San Juan, Puerto Rico and back over to Bermuda.

Over the past 50 years, there have been over 300 unexplained disappearances of both air planes and ships (including eye witness accounts of strange occurrences while navigating the area). The common factor has always been that they had travelled into the triangle. Some believe the area to be haunted by some unknown force; supernatural in nature, perhaps.

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The oldest account of these strange events was traced back to Christopher Columbus in 1492. It was recorded that they had seen strange lights and activity in that water passage. Certainly this raises suspicion over a supernatural threat.


We aren’t sure what to believe here but the evidence is certainly compelling to say the least, and they mysteries are stacking up.

In 1967, there was a recorded disappearance of a cabin cruiser called “witch craft”. It had left Miami and headed west. The coast guard received a call for a tow, the Captain was calm about the situation. Upon arriving 20 minutes later with help, there was no sign of the craft, and no wreckage. It’s like it had vanished. There were search parties sent out but again no craft. The thought was that it had sank, but after some investigation, it was found that the craft had a specially designed flotation device on board which would have prevented this. So where did it go?

The most notable event of spontaneous disappearance would have to be Flight 19. A group of five navy bombers which left the base off the coast of Florida in 1945 for a flight training exercise. The pilot radioed in advising that the compass was malfunctioning, he could not see land. Command saw the plane on the radar being off course and then the communication stopped abruptly. A rescue plane was sent out to retrieve survivors at the last known location; however, even the rescue plane had disappeared. There were reports of a fire or explosion in the vicinity. Yet, no wreckage, or no trace of any planes. How could six planes just disappear?

In 1918, USS Cyclops a carrier ship was out cruising its way up to Baltimore but not before stopping in at Barbados. The ship was never seen again. The path of travel seemingly would be straight through the triangle. In an attempt to explain the un-explainable, it was thought that it may have been sabotage to derail the vessel away from the German hands or perhaps the ship was overloaded with munitions.

How about eye witness accounts? Well, back in 1970 Bruce Gernan, a pilot was making a run with passengers and happened to fly over the west side of the triangle. He saw what he says a unique looking cloud in the distance, which had engulfed the plane. He flew inside, it was all dark black, but with flashing lights. All attempts to fly out were useless. About 13 minutes he flew through what seemed to be a tunnel of swirling ring clouds. The compass was spinning, all electronic systems had failed. The plane was not detected on radar until it made it out of the cloud funnel. Bruce believes he was caught in a time warp since the time to his destination had greatly reduced being trapped in the cloud cage.

There is no logical, and no convention explanations that can be offered; however, Scientists have been surmising for years that the events are weather related or magnetic anomalies. One theory in particular is the thought of methane gas bubbles raising from the ocean. In fact, lab tests shown that if a large amount of methane gas bubbles were to be released from the ocean floor it changes the buoyancy of the water thereby allowing the ship to sink and overcome with water. Another theory that some Scientists had believed to be the cause at least for disappearing air planes was vertigo.

Can science explain these disappearances?

In October 2016, a new theory surfaced which could explain the phenomenon. Through satellite photography, they found a series of hexagonal shaped clouds which are not the usual cloud formations, and further investigation found that these formations might be responsible for why so many ships and planes had been lost.

They call these irregular formations micro bursts, which are essentially air bombs. These air bombs come down from the atmosphere, super cooling the ocean and creating a localized disturbance about 2 miles in radius. This is accompanied by high winds of 100 mph (160 km/h)+  and massive waves to follow.  Although these events may only last for about 5 minutes they are powerful enough to take out both ships and air planes instantly.

There is a lot to think about here as you can see, and a lot to digest too. Do we believe in the supernatural, is it all Science behind these disappearances? Let us know what you think, and continue the conversation, on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram!

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– Chris

  • uldics

    Why do you claim scientific method usage when you do not ever question those occurrences? There is no more and no less disappearances in the Bermudas than somewhere else. Nothing mysterious there.

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