Our Favourite Star Wars Games

Use The Force, Luke! Wait – that’s just my controller’s haptic feedback. Well, drat. Welcome, my friend, to a perfect way to finish off a week-long celebration of the 40th year for the Star Wars franchise – with Star Wars Games!

We’re Nerdy By Nature! Elijah took a back seat and Nathan took the lead on this episode, because he loves Star Wars games (like Donny Yen loves the Force).


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On this episode, we discussed some of our favourite Star Wars Games on PC, Wii, and other consoles.


Let’s start with the family-focused Lego Franchise. Lego turned Star Wars games into a family friendly, puzzle-based action game that parents and children can enjoy.


As well, Star Wars Pod Racing, was arguably the best racing game eve, for any Phantom Fan. If you’re on an Arcade machine, then your mind may be blown.


Not only does Nathan adore the Game Cube, but when you pair Star Wars Rogue Squadron with the Game Cube, his life officially became complete.


BattleFront 2 now has a launch date and is expected to be released on PC, PS4, and XBOX One on November 17, 2017.


Nathan, Elijah, and Chris all want to see a Jedi Training Mission in Virtual Reality. The joke’s on them, because this is already here on Steam VR.

Star Wars - Trials on Tatooine - Steam VR


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The Force is Strong, my friend. May your dice roll advantage through your  adventures.

– Elijah

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