Time Crystals


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A space-time crystal, time crystal, or four-dimensional crystal, is a structure periodic in time and space. Normal three dimensional crystals will stay the same after any period of time, but with a time crystal, it changes from moment to moment, but will repeat itself after a fixed interval of time.


Wait.. What?

Try looking at it this way. Time Crystals are kind of like keeping Newton’s Cradle going while changing the energy with a little more energy in real time. This causes the the cradle pieces to keeps going and never stop (somewhat like jello wiggling).

newtons cradle


Jamie and Nathan took turns adding visual queues for Elijah so that he could grasp this concept (let’s be fair to the host – this isn’t an easy concept to wrap your head around).  Hats off to both of them for ending the show without a splitting headache (pun intended) and coming up with terrific concepts to help us wrap our head around this subject.

The magic behind this scientific discovery is not about using this new way of harnessing energy to make rockets super fast in the sky, it’s that there’s a new way to understand matter and manipulate energy in a different way.  Will this be something to advance our computing abilities and advance AI, or will we be able to create storage techniques where Oxford’s Library fits into a micro SD card?


Imagine what will happen in 40 years? As it is, there’s more power in an Apple Watch, then what was used to put Apollo 11 on the Moon (only 48 years ago). Leave your thoughts, applicable corrections, or speculations in the comments below. As always, we encourage you to continue this conversation to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Thanks for listening!


Slightly confused,

– Elijah

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