Beer! Welcome to a special “sipping suds” episode of Nerdy By Nature. I’m Elijah! I had a chance to meet up with Ted in Toronto. I’d like to share about why I feel compelled to tell you about him.


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He tells me about a medical condition that has prevented him from enjoying beer for many years. With an entrepreneurial spirit, he wanted to change that.

Currently, near beer offerings are, well, awful. As a partial beer snob (local, craft beer – woo!), I whole-heartedly agree. Ted, the founder of Partake Brewing, came up with a tasty IPA to change that stigma forever.  The best part with this offering is that I can play D&D with my friends while enjoying a few cans of Drink Partake’s Beer while still being able to drive home safely to my family.

The amazing thing about Ted is that he was willing to chat with me in his home on Easter weekend to share his story of his trials, successes, and mostly his proud moments as an Entrepreneur. He’s a proud father of multiple children, and shares that his wife is truly supportive and proud of his accomplishments so far.


Premium Near Beer box with beer bottles

Ted asked himself, “Ted. Why aren’t there any online ordering services that ship near-beer (non alcoholic beer)?” After some research, he found that there’s a considerable demand and that this is a great opportunity to offer a service that has been pushed aside for so long. Just over 3 years ago, was born.


Passion, drive, and ambition created a magical spark and motivated Ted to take near beer to the next level, with a non-alcoholic, craft beer offering called Drink Partake. This is an IPA is made with typical, natural ingredients you’d find in craft beer these days:
  • Water
  • Barley
  • Hops
  • Yeast


But, it gets better. If you’re not a fan of the “beer belly” effect that good beer may cause,  Drink Partake is on the healthier side. Nutritional Facts (per 12oz./355ml): Low in calories, fat, sugar and total carbohydrates.


  • Calories (10)
  • Sodium (45 mg)
  • Carbohydrates (2 g)
  • Protein (0 g)
  • Fat (0 g)


Not bad, right? I had the pleasure of being able to see Ted’s face light up – truly. His expression of pride, enthusiasm, grass-roots efforts, and sheer hard work are a reason why this Kickstarter Campaign, Drink Partake, has more than doubled it’s goal. But, please do support this great endeavour before this Campaign ends – only 4 days left!

Check out what Ted’s doing to change the world, one beer at a time. Give Ted a follow on Twitter, or like on Facebook to how he makes out on Dragon’s Den. Yes! The Dragon’s want to hear his story and he is hopeful that one of the Dragon’s will take him up on his offer!

In this special episode, enjoy hearing a bit more about Ted and why he enjoys doing all of this hard work every day. Are you excited to try Drink Partake? Would you like to share why you backed this campaign? Let me know in the comments below, or find Nerdy By Nature on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Thanks for finding a designated driver, as well as supporting your local craft beer brewers and establishments.


– Elijah

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