Let’s play 5 Minute Dungeon! This is a really cool game that we backed on Kickstarter. Connor Reid, of Wiggles 3D, stopped by (because, he lives in our home town) to teach us how to play this fast, fun, and semi-stressful card game. Words can’t describe the experience. Luckily, Connor does a stand-up job of showing you how one’s blood-pressure increases rapidly when playing.

Even though Connor has only recently joined this family business, Wiggles 3D has been creating games for over a decade, while winning awards (including 2 from Mensa). Pass the Popcorn was bought by Mattel, and entertainment properties were created for Sports Illustrated, Time For Kids, and USA Today.

The company first started when Don’s father, Jim Reid, rhymed off head-scratching quotes and later became family favourites. This then led to a games, newspaper puzzles, and online games. Feel free to check out what games Don and Connor have created by visiting their online shop here. As well, great descriptions and videos to help you get a feel for the games too.

Although the Kickstarter for 5 Minute Dungeon has ended, you can still get a feel for the success with almost 8,000 backers supporting Connor’s first campaign by clicking on this link. In this podcast episode, we chatted about surprises, obstacles, design challenges, and any vendor miscommunication that may have caught Connor off guard during his first crowd sourcing campaign. But, when you listen, his calm demeanour may fool you – he sounds like he’s cool as a cucumber!

Rahdo did a really good job at explaining how the game works and he takes you through an honest play-through with his wife Jen. To be honest, I’ve never seen a seasoned game player become so stressed over what seems like a simple, light, party game.

Have you had a chance to try 5 Minute Dragon? If so, leave a comment below. If you prefer, you’re welcome to pick up the conversation through Twitter or Facebook. Better yet, why not share pictures or quick videos of game play on Instagram? Tag us and we’ll be sure to mention you on an upcoming episode!
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– Elijah
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