Remember going to Camp as a kid? The games, songs, and chasing your friends with weird insects? The fun, the memories, and the friendships to last a lifetime.

Welcome to this Game Night episode with your favourite Canadian Nerds, Nerdy by Nature. Elijah here with you to take you through the experiences that we shared with special guest, Jamie, in this episode.

Some excellent camps in my local area (between Detroit and Toronto) have a bit of everything. You may recognize the iconic Y.M.C.A. brand. But, do you know that a S.T.E.M. camp is organized by the local University? Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics is covered during this week-long day camp to help children learn while having fun. Camp Stevenson is an exclusive overnight camp that strives to help families who can’t afford to take their children to camp. Stevenson provides food, fun, and removes social barriers so that these kids can focus on just having fun. Kee-mo-kee is another long-standing camp that includes a lot of fun and wholesome values. Take a look for yourself!

The one song that Jamie mentioned is permanently stuck in his head is Over hill, Over Dale. The original is from 1908 and produced for the United States Army. The original has slightly different lyrics that what Campers may recall; however, this song is really, really catchy. Here’s a lyric video for you to get an idea.


Survival is an interesting game that can be a bit of work, but this activity can kill an afternoon.  What you’ll want to do is divide up your campers into categories such as, herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores. Each person has a few tags which represent your life. Campers will also be provided a card with objectives throughout the Forest. Send the children out in waves. To make things interesting, councillors are the “disease.”  When the Campers are touched by the “disease” they become ill (losing a flag). If you’re ready to call an end to the game, unleash human into the field to swipe all flags when the player touches the Camper.

hunger games / survival


Another great game is capture the flag! Two teams that each work together to grab the opponents flag and bring it back to your home base. First team to do so – wins.

BRYAN EATON/Staff photo. Children play Fishy, Fishy Cross My Ocean which is similar to Capture the Flag at the Perkins Playground in Newburyport on Monday. They were in the Clipper Kids Program at Newburyport Youth Services.


Any outdoor camp will often include Archery to help improve dexterity, hand-eye co-ordination, and patience.



Gunnel Bobbing is a seemingly pointless activity, in my opinion; however, a whole lot of fun if you have a good sense of rhythm (as well as an immediate urge to upset someone’s day).


Ouch. That last one look like it’s going to hurt just a bit! Did you have a favourite game or song when you went to Camp? Let us know in the comments, or stop by Twitter to share fond memories (embarrassing moments work too!) of these summertime memories as a child.

It’s never too late to be a big kid. So, get out and have fun this summer with those you know or people that you have yet to meet! Pro tip #3.14: The nerdier you are, the higher the S.P.F. will be required in your suntan lotion.

See you next week!

– Elijah

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