Welcome to a Science episode of Nerdy By Nature. Today, we explore an ancient tomb of China’s first Emperor. Not too worry, though. No archaeology tools required for this study.

Happy Wednesday! Elijah here with you for this exciting find.

I’m so glad you made some time to stop by and explore something secret about the first Emperor on Qin (now China).

The Emperor's Tomb

Imagine your Emperor is a guy who ordered his two half-siblings to be killed and his mother on house arrest. The wars between Qin and neighbouring states created a lot of turmoil and instability across the region. Qin Shihuang ruled in fear for about decade before he died. His father died at a young age of 13, and  led him ruling the State as Prince,  King, and finally as with a self-invented of Emperor.

Emperor Huang

The laws were cruel and imaginable. If you didn’t meet this ruler’s standard you may be tortured, hanged, or even used as a slave for your remaining days on Earth.  People were forced to “snitch” on other neighbours when bad behaviour was found. Otherwise, the whole “block” of houses was punished. One good thing that this Emperor did was he forced all states to read and write Chinese.

Warring Chinese States with Emperor Huang, 240 BC

This Emperor was ruthless and willing to stop at no cost. Thousands died in his honour out of sheer pride. Back then, it was kill or be killed. What sort of army would you need to take control of violent states?

Well armoured warriors who are brave, strong, and fearless.

warriors from tomb ordered to be made by Emperor Huang

Some chariots to gain some leverage over your opponents.

Chariots from tomb that were ordered to be made by Emperor Huang


Some weapons of bronze (mixed with some tin perhaps).

Bronze Sword from tomb

As well as a 1.3 metre crossbow that can shoot arrows up to 244 metres. This weapon technology was hundreds of years ahead of it’s time and was the main reason for such success in battles.

This Tomb, or Mausoleum, is rumoured to have up to 720,000 unpaid labourers ordered to construct this marvel. Handmade tools, and terracotta army all crafted with precision and proud workmanship (their life depended on it).

For now, I’ll leave you with a short tease of this marvel. From there, if you wish to explore this amazing piece of history, search away! There are plenty of documentaries and articles for you to enjoy.

Although it’s easy to say that this is the work of extra-terrestrials, 2,200 years ago was a more simple time. You have fear, people, and an Emperor who will punish you for imperfections to make this a very real possibility. After you have a listen to our episode, share your thoughts about what discovery fascinates you most in the comments below or on Twitter,  Facebook, or Instagram.
Thanks for visiting the Emperor’s Tomb and getting wrapped up in a part of history with us.
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