Thanks for joining us for an exciting Science episode with Nerdy By Nature. Have you ever turned a dream into a reality? It’s Elijah here! Thanks for lending your ears to listen to join a conversation about sustainability and community, along with nearly a century of firsts.

Hey there! Happy Wednesday. Have you heard about an exciting new project called West 5?

I was invited to join Richard at his new office to discuss the many firsts that Sifton has accomplished in nearly a century (which includes the biggest community development project of its kind in North America, called West 5). From the first home that Harry build with his two hands in 1923, to building the first solar home in 1978, there are a lot of proud achievements that this organization should be proud of.


When I sat down in Sifton’s conference room and realized that the lights weren’t on. The windows refract light enough that you can still read your paper without lights on during the day. As well, erasable toner which allows you to re-print on paper multiple times before having to toss the paper in the recycle bin or shredder.

The latest project, called West 5, will be a ‘net zero’ community. Simply put, all of the power consumed will be generated in about one year. Generally, Solar will contribute to the power usage offset. During the Summer months, there will most likely be an excess that will be put back into the grid. In the Winter, you’ll most likely need to use some electricity due to shorter winter days in Southern Canada.


“These life-changing, ultramodern homes are connected to trails, walking paths and ample green spaces for outdoor adventures. Each of them are built with Sifton’s unparalleled construction, which far exceeds building code and Energy Star regulations. That means solar power, lower water consumption, high efficiency heating and cooling, sealed duct work, sustainable insulation, triple pane windows that block UV rays and so much more. All of these features are specifically designed to ensure the health of your family and the planet.

West 5 Community


Conveniently located next to shops, parks, restaurants, offices, your town home is just steps away from all the action. You’ll be able to start each day with a wave of fresh air as you open your front door and say “hello” to your neighbour as she cruises along on the bike path. You’ll be able to take your dog on the scenic route for her morning walk and stop at your favourite farmer’s market for a juicy pear on the way. ” – Richard Sifton


Although ‘Phase 1’ of the West 5 Community Project is getting started (with the Sifton Corporate Office and Townhouse rental units), this is the plan for a dream that will be a fulfilled reality in the near future.

The big game changer is the Community aspect.  People love to be participate in local events, but don’t always want to plan them. Londoners will be able to attend Easter Egg Hunts, Movies at Twilight, Food Festivals and more. Besides, the more you get out of a Community,  the more you can maximize it’s potential. Using natural resources like solar parkades, EV charging stations, rainwater collection systems, green spaces on rooftops, gardens at the “Central “Park”, and better roads to lessen the use of salt to melt ice.

Fireworks in London Ontario

When I asked if there is anything planned for Sifton’s 100th year, one thing promised for sure is that there will be fireworks! I can’t wait to see the Townhouses come to fruition in only weeks from now!

This is only the start for this generation. So happy to be part of this exciting journey. Many thanks to Lydia (Sifton Properties), for setting this chat up, and to Richard for participating in his first Podcast! 🙂

Stay Nerdy and your Favourite Nerds will be back on Friday to chat about Laser Tag!


– Elijah

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