Hey! Thanks for stopping by. This Game Night episode is all about the Nintendo Switch. In the episode, we chat about pricing, the hardware, reactions to the features and games, and figure out if this is something you need to buy now, wait a bit, or skip this purchase altogether.

Since the release event last November, The Nintendo Switch has peeked consumer interest, while gaming pessimists were quick to voice their opinion across the internet.

The Switch Retail Package:

  • $399 CAN ($299 US)
  • The Switch console
    • Multi-touch screen 6.4″
  • 32 GB Storage
  • Cradle (Dock)
  • Joy-con
  • AC Adapters and appropriate cords
  • Wi-fi connectivity
The game selection isn’t amazing yet; however, Zelda is. With an open-world concept, you can go wherever you want and however you please. Exploring can be quick and efficient, or long and drawn out – this depends on you. The physics in this game is amazing. You can use what is around you to take out bad guys (move rocks, shake trees, light your stick on fire, splash water) throughout your encounters. The environment is fairly realistic where something like a long Desert trip will create exhaustion during a daytime trek. If you choose to take the same path at night, the desert won’t be as hot, and will allow you to carry forward to your next destination. Check out folks at Nintendo giving Zelda a go at E3 [~ 27 minutes].

There are many games that are being developed by 3rd parties, which is a good sign. Unfortunately, no new big titles are coming out as of yet. Zelda, Super Mario Kart 8, Skyrim, NBA 2k18, and FIFA are certainly packing some action. Check out the 66 titles currently or shelves (or planned for 2017) by clicking here.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe will support 8 player local play and is expected to hit shelves in the fall of 2017. Check out Nintendo’s Mario Kart demo to see some of the new editions to scenery, game play, and character karts.

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