In this Science episode, your favourite Canadian Nerds talk about a few spoilers – err, I mean, Legion. Thanks for taking the time to stop by to listen to Nerdy By Nature.

They say we don’t use all of our brain, perhaps only ten per cent, and that we are much more capable of more; however, David Haller (a disturbed individual who is gifted with both telepathy as a child and telekinesis) is the main subject of FX network’s new show “Legion.” It’s a story based on a Marvel comic series that is tied to the X-Men which just premiered in February, and tackles mental illness into the spotlight.


As a child, David was first diagnosed as schizophrenic, and had been in and out of psychiatric hospitals for awhile. Now some years later he meets up with Syd, a girl he met during his stay at the hospital, who he shares a bond with. She helps him unravel the mystery of his condition, along with a team of gifted scientists from a mutant sanctuary known as ‘Summerland’. The story follows David as he comes to terms with the fact that maybe the voices in his head, and the visions are actually real.. or are they? It’s a wild ride of flashbacks and dream sequences — all while evading agents from a government-funded mutant task force referred to as Division 3.

Right from the first episode, you are instantly hooked, dropped right into David’s world and ready with a thousand questions. The episode reminded me so much of the works of Philip K. Dick, while weaving themes of altered states of consciousness, questioning of reality, and identity crisis. Then, each subsequent episode became even more complex, layered with imaginative imagery. Which, in my opinion, seem to parallel the surrealism themes from the cult classic TV show “Twin Peaks.”


I discuss the first 5 episodes with the rest of the Nerdy By Nature crew, dissecting pivotal moments, trying to piece together the chaotic time line of events. What does it all mean? Well, we don’t know.. yet; but, what we do know is that there are a few more episodes and so much more to be revealed. If you have any theories, please do drop us a line on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. If you prefer, you may also leave a comment below. Do let us know what you are thinking!!




If you haven’t had the chance to see Legion, then DO IT NOW. Make time to do so, because you will not be disappointed. For now, check out the trailer to help motivate you to watch this right now. Are you even reading this at this very moment, or this also a dream? Joking! Enjoy this Science episode, Legion, with Nerdy By Nature.

– Chris.

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