Hey! How are ya? Tonight, is Game Night. Time to break away from the retro mold that we’ve been on for a little bit and get into Roller Derby.

Elijah was without Chris and Nathan for this episode, but a lady that goes by the name of Smiley Whiplash stopped by to help finish off some Forked River beers and chat about high flying elbows, what not to do in a traffic jam, and how amazing the sisterhood culture of derby really is.

Bass ass beauties, jammers, pivot-ers, refs, and passionate coaches keep this sport alive. These ladies earn an honest living during the day, and come out to earn love, respect, and a few bruises in tournaments, friendly games, or scrimmages.

Lynette is her real name. She bakes cakes (and does an amazing job, too) with a local bakery and really shows her true colours as a pastry chef.  She comes with smiles, humble tones, a big heart, and an appreciation for all of us human beings (including nerds!! #NerdsAreCool).


This all started for her as a fan and evolved into a passion for confidence, competition, self-improvement, and an outlet for the every day grind.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to feel like a celeb on four wheels? This is exciting, competitive, and builds a strong resilience to bruising — all skills you can really take to an interview (am I right?).

The smile says it all. Doing something to earn love and respect is priceless. This sisterhood of derby girls creates a community of hard working ladies of all shapes in sizes under one roof. You want a place where you’re treated like family? Roller Derby with the Thames Fatales is just what you may need. Let’s practice our chant for the game shall we? EFF CEE DEE GEE!! EFF CEE DEE GEE!


If you’re in the London, Ontario area, check out the Thames Fatales on twitter, facebook, or on the web. Become a fan, give these ladies a follow, buy some swag, and go see the game live.

We hope you enjoyed this Game Night episode with special guest, Lynette (aka. Smiley Whiplash). If she’s not your motivation to do what you love, then nothing will.  Thanks for your support and we hope you have a great weekend. Peace, Love, and Chicken Grease!

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