Thanks for joining us for a chat with your favourite Canadian Nerds. Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is today’s Science topic on Nerdy by Nature.

Soon, every device will be not only connected, but intelligent. Devices will be able to do a fair bit of thinking for us, while more and more intelligent “things” will transformed into assistants. The lure and fascination has evolved from a geek’s fad, to acceptance for society.

Whether you may choose to call this acceptance of intelligent devices into your every day lives a digital revolution or not, security, privacy, and data collection are a big concern. If not, this should be a concern.  Perhaps, it’s becoming more and more widely accepted to trade some of this sacred privacy in exchange for convenience, ease, and simplification.

Artificial Intelligence can be like a snow ball, if you will. We might originally set out parameters with initial expectations; however, this machine learning capability will develop, evolve, and will grow beyond the code that this is programmed with.

Paro is a robotic seal that is designed as a friend for patients in need (from Alzheimer’s to Dementia).  Previously, patients would be sedated or have discomfort during medical procedures or trying times. Why a seal, you ask?

Research shows that a seal is least likely to cause any triggers or memory such as dog growling, cat scratches, or a horse kick. This is one of the many great examples that has been created for the better good.

What have you seen in A.I. tech that has hit your emotional strings with a memorable impact? Let us know on twitter, or in the comments below.

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