You may remember the iconic sounds and phrases from the early games of Warcraft. On this episode of Nerdy by Nature, we recall the popular Warcraft games within Blizzard’s franchise.

To help you get into the nostaglic mood, take a moment to witness the Tides of Darkness Intro (Circa 1995) video intro:


Early on, campaigns and CPU versus modes were plenty of action to be had. Soon, Warcraft II include online play through Modem. Warcraft III through to recent WoW editions soon allowed for multiplayer battles through blizzard dot net.


Building farms, barracks, town halls, and spell-casting abodes were part of the adventure, combat, and challenge that came with many hours of Warcraft Play. Do you have a favourite Warcraft Game? How about the best line that was used in a semi-sarcastic fashion? Job’s done? Yes M’Lord? Iconic for sure. You’re welcome to find us on twitter or send an email to to share your thoughts with us.

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