Thanks for joining us for this Science episode with Nerdy by Nature! We chat about living off of the grid.


There are many advancements in green technology such as solar panels, energy efficient lighting, batteries, windmills, insulation, and housing materials which can all work together to reduce the need for lighting, heating, or cooling. With technology improving in many ways, are we now in a realistic position to shift our energy requirements off the grid?

A developer, in our Southwestern Ontario city, is currently dreaming to build a “net zero” community. So efficient that your electric bill, essentially, costs you zero dollars come month end. We can’t help but question if this is truly realistic, or simply a credit buy-back system that involves paying the cost of pollution, feeding the existing grid with excess energy, or merely purchasing green energy from a third party such as Bullfrog (for example). Unfortunately, recent media attention only highlights feather ruffling, along with pomp and circumstance.

The future is certainly here. But, will this be an endeavor to bring the average blue-collar citizen to live in such a community, or shall we continue to reserve places only for the middle class and trendy millenial?

Take a listen to our conversation about living in a way that’s removed from the “grid.” Feel free to share your thoughts about alternative energy options on twitter or leave a comment below.

Thank you for listening. We’ll see you Friday for our Games Night episode!

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