Thanks for joining us for a special Episode with Nerdy by Nature! This episode is all about Forked River Brewing Co.


We sat down with Beer Diva, Sara, to chat about what Forked River is all about.

An Engineer and two Microbiologists quit their day jobs to live out their dream: Making beautiful beverages to be truly proud of.

With about a dozen varieties to choose from, Forked River has something for everyone. They offer types of beer such as a Pilsner, Pale Ale, Stout(s), Citrus-y blends, and IPA to name a few.



We sampled Mojo, Hansel and Brett’el, and the Catch 23. Thanks to Sara for leaving a few behind for us too!


Check out Forked River on the internet to find Forked River beer near you in Ontario, Canada. If you’re in the London, Ontario area feel free to book a free tour as well. Stay for a pint if you should feel so inclined (you’ll be glad you did).

Thanks to the brewing family at Forked River for the opportunity to taste some great beers and to learn about what Forked River is all about!

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