Welcome to Game Night! In this episode we play a game, crowdfunded by Kickstarter, called Santorini. A Canadian company, Roxley Games, also made great games like Steam Punk Rally.


The artwork is pretty wild, the playing pieces and board are well constructed, and the whole crowdfunding process was smooth and on point. There are some days where game makers don’t get the logistics of game manufacturing and delivery right. But, Roxley impressed us throughout the process from start to finish.




Here’s more of a close-up shot for you. There’s more of a focus on your player and building pieces.






Although we didn’t play with the God cards during our episodes, you’ll notice the effort that went into character development.  We don’t want to spoil the game for you, so if you’re curious of what God brings what ability there are some great videos scoured across the internet (or you’ll just have to pick up a copy for yourself).







Let’s get started! You move your character piece and then you build beside your character. Rinse and repeat.Nathan makes a delightful hand model as he begins to get the game rolling.

Chris is on the left with blue characters, while Elijah is mostly in the middle with the tan colours.







As we one of us nears victory, you can see the amazing symmetry that Chris has created, while Nathan and Elijah battle some to get to the 3rd tier of their building first. As you can see, Chris capped his building off (left) so that Elijah and Nathan could not make their way to the top first.







What do you think of Roxley’s creation? Some of our friends, such as the Bearded Meeple, have put together a great run through video of the game mechanics. Feel free to share your thoughts about the game in the comments below, or head over to twitter to share your strategy theories that we may implement in future plays!

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