Bulletin Board Systems enabled people to network, play games, read messages, share ideas, and download files when there was no internet (as we know it today).  This old technology, for some, is hard to understand. So, we created a walk-through video to compliment this episode to help you understand what it was like to connect with others with computers via phone lines.

Surprisingly, Jamie (one of the bigger nerds we know) only heard of this technology.  He was intrigued. As soon as he gets his hands on a Raspberry Pi, he may just start a BBS up. Look out, Chris! You’ll have some competition right around the corner!

Are you old enough to remember dialing up to a BBS? Where did you log on to and what door game(s) did you play most often? Leave a comment below. Thanks for listening.

  • I really loved making this episode as it took me down memory lane remembering the good ol’ days of ‘networking’ with friends. A time which was back before the Internet was a thing. In a time where we are surrounded by social media, to me, BBS’ing today still holds relevance. I “call up” a few board every week or so, chat up the Sysop, post messages and play some games. I enjoy the close knit community that the BBS provides, and the fun of being able to be apart of a lost yet not forgotten information age.

    To get started, check out this link: http://telnetbbsguide.com/faqs/how-to-telnet/

    Chris – Nerdy by Nature

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