The Personal Computer has evolved at an astonishing rate. In merely decades, we utilize mobile devices that have more storage than all of the Museum’s computers combined. Just unbelievable.

Remember the days of tape drives and modems? We do. Telnet, Newsgroups, BBS’s and so much more. Classic like Pac Man, Pong, and Donkey Kong helped to revolutionize how we viewed entertainment at home.

We went on the road to tour the Personal Computer Museum in Brantford, Ontario and invited one of our podcasting friends to join us. Rob enjoys his podcast, but he gets the urge to chat about binary and star wars once and a while to get his nerd fix on.

Elijah couldn’t get Chris to leave. We stopped in after our office gigs were done and stayed right until close. One button controller heaven and sheer focus have kept the drool inside.

Syd, the Museum Founder, often has open house events and tournaments that the whole family may enjoy.

We enjoyed reminiscing about old PC relics, the Museum, and how the gaming has evolved with the Personal Computer itself.

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